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what happens when you tell your newly transplanted-from-houston coworker

"oh, the weather in denver is so great! we'll get snow, but it will be gone the next day! the snow NEVER sticks here, and if it does, the roads are usually dry!"

Arctic blast brings frigid temps and slick roads


  1. you're NOT supposed to tell people our little weather secret!!

    so it's you who caused the cold... ;~)

  2. i know! i'm being punished by the colorado weather gods!

  3. sweet.... I'll be sure not to call my mom for the next week, b/c I'm sure all I'll hear is her bitching about the cold.

    BTW - in Houston, they're claiming we're going to have our own "Arctic Blast" Thurs night. It may get down to 27. Woo - that's cold *snerk* I doubt it will even get below freezing - newscasters have a bad habit of blowing temperatures out of proportion.

    And I sent one of our Houston-bred field workers out to do inspections in Kansas thru N. Dakota. He claims his hands were so numb (and had too many layers on) that he didn't notice the work digital camera was slipping, which resulted in it falling on a pile of rocks and dying. *lol* Poor guy.

  4. All I can say is..