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i'm 33. i live with my husband, baby daughter 2 dogs and 1 kitty. i'm a chemical engineer with an MBA and work in technical sales. i tend to bite off more than i *think* i can chew and end up with a full bulging mouth for awhile before i can finally swallow. i thrive in chaos, but strive for order.


2005 in review

i've been inspired by aarwenn and rambling girl to take a look back on 2005. good things. regrets. craziness.

travel. in 2005 i was able to visit for fun: cancun, washington dc, houston, seattle (twice), canada, the cayman islands, chicago and i'm leaving for vegas tonight.

concerts. and in 2005 i saw: keane, big head todd, jack johnson, james taylor, the fray, death cab for cutie, iron & wine w/calexico, the decemberists, and several local bands.

school. in 2005 i started my MBA. and while i miss my free time, i'm making the best of it.

home. si and i bought a house in 2005. it's a lot of work. and expensive. but it feels so unbelievably good to not have a landlord.

friends. i met so many new, wonderful people in 2005. mostly thanks to this blog and the internet crack known as myspace. i'm very thankful to have them in my life and can't imagine how i coped without them!

health. 2005 was the year i finally got control of my health issues. now i have an incredible amount of energy and feel better than i have in years!

so those are the good things. now onto the regrets.

actually, and aarwenn will hate me, but i don't really have any! at least any specific to 2005. if i could go back, oh say 10 years, then i might have some. but you know, then i wouldn't be who i am today. would i be better? maybe? but maybe not.

and the craziness.

all the crazy, crazy, crazy nights i've had in the past few months. fueled by good friends, music, and of course my pal jack. i wouldn't trade them for anything.

so although there were some sucky things in 2005 that i never got into on my blog, on the whole it wasn't a bad year.

here's to a great 2006, filled with lots of fun, friends, craziness, and major life changes.



i wish i knew someone with a hot tub and prescription pain killers

because my new, beautiful snowboard that i am absolutely in love with, is seriously FAST.

and when you're going FAST and catch an edge, you fall HARD.

and when you fall HARD, face-first, skidding at least 20 feet before you finally come to a stop, on each of the 2 consecutive days you were riding*, you tend to have some soreness the next day.

and i'm talking the kind of soreness that won't let you check your blind spot without wincing. that won't let you roll over in bed without a helper and some serious effort. and that makes you clutch your over-used abs and bruised torso and sound like this when you laugh at a particularly funny scene from last night's "family guy"- *giggle giggle,ouch! giggle, seriously, ow-ouch! hahaha! fuck i'm not kidding i'm hurting! giggle*

*with the first fall merely knocking the wind out of you, while the second also knocks off your helmet and breaks your goggles


i'm shocked

ok, so maybe i'm just too old and out of the loop, but i just found out the other day what this hand gesture means:
i think i'm doing it right. anyway.

am i the only one that had never heard of the shocker?*
is it just a really well kept guy secret?
and why am i seeing it EVERYWHERE now?

i think us women need to retaliate with our own secret hand signal that we can flash in crazy drunken pictures.

i propose: the vise

what do ya think?


parking karma

last week a friend planned a girls night out at her friends new boutique in cherry creek for some after hours shopping and wine. it was a random group of girls - about 10 of us. some i knew, most i didn't.

after finding a great parking spot, i went to the ticket machine to pay for my parking. there was this woman there who was trying to pay, but the machine wouldn't read her card. after several tries, she let me go ahead of her. i had no problems with my card, and printed out a $1 ticket. i then offered it to her since her card wasn't working. at first she wouldn't accept, and insisted on trying another card, which also didn't work. again i said, "please, just take this one, i'll print another, it's no biggie, i promise!" and she finally accepted, with many thanks.

i walked over to the shop and wouldn't you know it, the parking woman was there and was telling everyone the story and when i walked up, said "that's the girl!". she ended up being my friend's best-friend that i hadn't met yet.

i couldn't have made a better first impression if i tried. and now i have one more kick-ass girl to add to my circle!


crappy weekend in brief

friday: made an ass out of myself - sorry, i will not be going into details on this one.
saturday: had a 4 hour, emotionally charged, mentally draining "where is this relationship going" talk with si. um. yeah, no details on this one either. suffice it to say that we're trying to work things out.
sunday: woke up with a wicked cold that knocked me out all day. will spare you details of this one.

hoping things turn around this week!



i knew that i would get some funny referrals from this post

and i am a little disturbed that someone would google "blogs naked granny"

when you know you've had one too many jack & diet cokes

you put on a friends hat and turn into a gangsta.


what happens when you tell your newly transplanted-from-houston coworker

"oh, the weather in denver is so great! we'll get snow, but it will be gone the next day! the snow NEVER sticks here, and if it does, the roads are usually dry!"

Arctic blast brings frigid temps and slick roads


ocd much?

lately i have had a work project that consists of transferring several large files. so i have a lot of downtime in between transfers that i can't do anything but email and surf the net.

the two websites i've been particularly obsessed with lately are www.myspace.com and gmail. i end up getting emails 0 minutes after they're sent. and i've had to hold out as long as i can before i reply, lest the person sending it to me thinks i'm an internet obsessed freak. which i am of course, but only when i'm stuck in front of a computer without anything else to do. what can i say, i long for non-coworker interaction.

ideally i'd be logged onto my online classes, using my time efficiently. but apparently i get a bigger rush from repeatedly hitting F5 and cursing myself for being such a loser.


and that's when you know it's going to be a bad day

it's not when you miss your alarm and have to skip the gym to make it to work on time...
and it's not when you cut your armpit while shaving..
and it's not when you bang your knee on the side of the door while attempting to reach around from the outside to turn off the porch light..

it's when you pull out the can of the tasty mandarin oranges you thought you grabbed for breakfast and you get this instead: