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i'm shocked

ok, so maybe i'm just too old and out of the loop, but i just found out the other day what this hand gesture means:
i think i'm doing it right. anyway.

am i the only one that had never heard of the shocker?*
is it just a really well kept guy secret?
and why am i seeing it EVERYWHERE now?

i think us women need to retaliate with our own secret hand signal that we can flash in crazy drunken pictures.

i propose: the vise

what do ya think?


  1. I've heard of the shocker, but I didn't know that *everyone* did it. I just thought it was semething really stupid that Will's Subaru friends did all the time. Those boys love to "throw a shocker down" and snap a picture. yeah, boys are dumb.

  2. So... from someone older and (apparently) more out of the loop than you... what the hell DOES it mean???

  3. shannon - do a google search for "shocker" and you'll figure it out. =)

  4. The Shocker!

    Yes, that's a good one, There's also the one in which a guy will bend his arms at the elbow, make two fists facing each other, and pump them in the air a few times.

    Yes, that would be double fisting.

    And kt, what's the vice? I'm looking at it and although I can see some uses, I'm curious what you originally thought.

  5. So, I'd heard of it and knew it was something crude, but thanks to google I'm fully enlightened now. Fabulous - the next time I see a 12 year old making that gesture i'm going to be disturbed...

  6. Yeah, we need pictures so that we know exactly what you mean about the vice. I have several ideas, but I really need to know which one is right. No really, I need to know. :)

  7. ok, so "the vice" didn't photograph too well - because i was trying to photograph myself, and with the angles, etc.

    so stick up your two fingers with the thumb behind like a claw. let's just say that the thumb will serve the same purpose as the shocker pinky, and the two fingers can be squeezed around a um, rather sensitive area, much like a vice.

    make sense now?

  8. I think you might mean "vise..."

    As in "vise grip?"

    Off to Google "shocker" now...

  9. Hmmm...totally didn't know that. Well, I am just glad that the "images" weren't more, um, graphic.

  10. Here's an easier way to describe the 'shocker'.

    "Two in the pink and one in the stink".... Get it now?

    And yes, I did indeed hear a high school teahcer yell this and make the gesture at a 'teacher party' my Mom threw at the beginning of the year....

    That's disturbing in itself.


  11. Ewww. I'm so traumatized now.