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i'm 33. i live with my husband, baby daughter 2 dogs and 1 kitty. i'm a chemical engineer with an MBA and work in technical sales. i tend to bite off more than i *think* i can chew and end up with a full bulging mouth for awhile before i can finally swallow. i thrive in chaos, but strive for order.


is it happy hour yet?

my day. up down up down.

8am conference call with boss to explain why my clients aren't sending in samples. "because there is 2' of snow on the ground" not a good enough answer. ugh.

received email from client who i've been trying to meet with. meeting set for friday. whoo hoo!

drive to 11:30 meeting. hit every red light. see a parking spot and have someone steel it right as i'm turning around. finally find other parking spot. freeze while walking to meeting. brrr.

talk to potential client at meeting and get formal meeting set up for when i return. yay!

freeze while walking back to car. find $30 ticket on car. ticket is for not having a front license plate. didn't know that was a law in colorado. fuck.

think i'm going to be late for meeting with client, but am on time. hurrah!

call fed ex at 4:10 to have them pick up sample from my house. am told that my cut off time has changed from 4:30 to 4pm. have to drive samples to fed ex location. grrrrr..

discover dog ate tv remote and left it in backyard. sigh.


not a scary political map

rather, all the states i've been to, not counting ones where i was only in the airport. i love that i've been able to avoid arkansas. and kentucky. but i wouldn't mind a trip up to the northeast.

create your own visited states map

and now, for the countries. this need some work.

create your own visited countries map


come on, be a man!

why can't i meet a man that can plan a date?
typical exchange i've had lately. with guys that i've only been out with once or twice.
man: so, do you want to hang out this week?
me: sure. when?
man: umm.. well when are you free?
me: i'm free friday.
man: well, that doesn't work for me - are you free wednesday?
me: um, i guess so. what do you have in mind?
man: not sure. any ideas?
me: well, we could do dinner or go to a show or something. why don't you decide and pick me up at 7.
man: well i don't know if i really want to go out.. maybe we could watch a movie at your place?*

ok. so you want to have a date with me. but you don't actually want to GO anywhere. you want to hang out at my place, which means that not only is that night like every other night i've stayed home, but this time i have to actually clean and make sure my fridge is stocked.
this is how i would prefer our exchange go:
man: are you free friday? i'd love to take you out.
me: sure, that sounds great!
man: cool, i'll pick you up at 7.
me: perfect, i'll see you then!
i feel like i'm being cheated out of the first few months of a relationship. where you're trying to impress each other still - dressing up for each other, going to cool places, doing fun things. the butterflies in your stomach when you're getting ready. the anticipation of kissing them at the end of the night. getting to KNOW them.
i meet a guy for drinks, and suddenly his toothbrush is in my bathroom and we're "hanging out" at my place every night. it's from zero to boyfriend in 2 dates. i am SO not ready for that.
you want to date me? then you've got to put in the effort.
trust me, you'll get something good in return.
*which we all know is code for, "i just want to wear sloppy clothes, not spend money, and fool around"


unlucky undies

i have a matching set of undies, which i'm ashamed to admit is the only truly matching set that i own. they're frilly. and pink. which i guess is somewhat out of character for me.

they're also, apparently, cursed.

the last few times they've been worn, especially if that night should be a SURE THING, i end up being the only one that knows they exist.

i think i'm going back to the mismatched undies - and i won't shave my legs for good measure - because all girls know THAT'S the time you get lucky.


puppy for sale

burton will be one year old on saturday. 7 in dog years. and it's showing. he's testing his boundaries.

in the past 2 weeks, i have cleaned up FEATHERS from my house no fewer than THREE times. first it was a little pillow in my office when i was away all day.. then it was a larger pillow when i was in the shower.. and today is was my freaking DOWN COMFORTER while i was WORKING in my office!

there are down feathers all over my house. and the dog. he looks like the proverbial fox in the hen house.