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i'm 33. i live with my husband, baby daughter 2 dogs and 1 kitty. i'm a chemical engineer with an MBA and work in technical sales. i tend to bite off more than i *think* i can chew and end up with a full bulging mouth for awhile before i can finally swallow. i thrive in chaos, but strive for order.


otra cerveza por favor

is what i hope to be saying approximately 27 hours from now.

i'm leaving for playa del carmen tomorrow to enjoy 6 debauchery-filled days and nights with 4 of my single girlfriends.

we're staying here.

all of us have packed enough clothes for a 3 month expedition.

i just hope we come back alive!


why does every guy in colorado snore?

is it the climate?

or is that why they're single?

so i've met an aboslutely so-adorable-i-almost-can't-stand-it boy that i like a lot. this one i met during every day circumstances - not through the internet or at a bar per my usual routinue. this comes with a whole different set of rules.

i'm trying to let him make the first moves because he's younger than me and i can be a little aggressive enthusiastic sometimes. don't want to scare the poor kid. and the first few weeks are the best anyway, so why rush it? i need to just sit back and have a little patience and enjoy. which paid off last night.

i was getting a little jaded about relationships for awhile. but now i remember how great dating is when you find someone you like and they actually like you back. it reminds me why there are millions of people out there in relationships.

ding ding ding.

and for now, i think the snoring is cute.


emotional rollercoaster

dating. when it's good it's fantastic, and when it's bad it's awful.

i liked this guy. he liked me. then i wasn't sure. and he wasn't sure. and we decided to just be friends, but maybe date down the road - play it by ear. and we're friends and all is good. so why do i have a pit in my stomach when i find out (not from him) that's he's in a relationship now. i shouldn't care. why do i care? did i like him more than i thought i did? too late now.

at the same time, i have a total crush on another guy. and i think he likes me back. it's at that stage right now where we've hung out a couple of times, nothing has been defined, but something is definitely there. i have the best time when i'm with him and when i'm not with him i think about him and all i can think about is when i'm going to see him again, which drives me nuts because i can't concentrate on anything else. i hate dwelling.

and i want off before i hurl.


this is why he's my best friend

my friend m is absolutely awesome. one of the many awesome things about him is that he housesits and watches burton for me when i'm out of town. they have a special bond.

yesterday i told him that i'm expecting a somewhat odd package. it's actually a package of live worms for this pet-poo worm composter that i just got. i asked him to put the worms in the garage so that they didn't get too hot before i got home, and if he felt up to it, he could even put them in the composter for me. very odd request, i know, but in true m fashion, he rolled with it.

so i get a call from him tonight.

"hey what's up.. so you got a package today. but it's not worms. it's a dog collar"

"what? a dog collar? i didn't order a dog collar...? what does it look like?"

"it's black."

"hmm. for a big dog or a small dog?"

"a big dog."

so i'm racking my brain trying to remember if i ordered a dog collar. and then it hit me.

he was describing the heart rate monitor that i had ordered.

and that's why i love him. he always keeps me laughing, even when it's not intentional!

bummer on the range

so i'm in casper, wy right now. i used to have to come up here about 4 times a year when i worked for ERM. it's kind of weird being up here and not having to go take samples from a hidden water well in a railyard.

the last time i was up here, i found one of the best secret shopping meccas ever. the gap clearance store. this wasn't just an outlet, this was where all the clearance merchandise from gap, banana republic, and old navy came to die. it was awesome. and has now been replaced by a ross.

sigh. i really needed some cheap khakis and tank tops for mexico and baby gifts.


bad date

"so, my buddy is going to pick me up since i can't drive. yeah.. i lost my license last year because of a dui. i get it back next week, but i'm totally broke because of all the fines that will be due then. it wouldn't have been so bad except that i hit this dude and so i have to pay all this restitution.. he lived and everything. the crazy thing is that i didn't even KNOW i hit someone until the cops pulled me over about 15 minutes later.."