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cashing in the karma points

so si and i and some friends went to see big head todd and the monsters at red rocks saturday night. i hadn't seen them in ages, so it was a nice flash back to college.

anyhow, we decided to grill* in the parking lot before the show. always a fun time. once we were ready to go in, i put our tickets in my back pocket and we walked (hiked) to the entrance. where i realized that the tickets had fallen out of my pocket. that's what i get for wearing low-rise jeans.

si traced our steps back to the car, but couldn't find them. on his way back, he asked a guy if he had seen any tickets on the ground. the guy said he didn't, but he had two extra ones that we could have.

wow! how often does that kind of thing happen???

so - thank you very much, random nice guy in the parking lot. we appreciate your generousity and will definitely pay it forward.

i love it when i'm justified in my belief that good deeds do eventually come back to you.

*and drink. lots.


  1. Excellent Karma!

    BTW, the Aromatherapy scrubs are on sale for $15 right now. Don't know if they will go down further...

    And thanks for leading me to the "Can I wear it to the office?" blog...SO FUNNY!

    Does the ezboard work yet?

  2. Glad to hear there are people out there that still do nice things for others! Did you enjoy the show?

  3. That's awesome! And I am so envious that you saw (and have seen) Big Head Todd. I love them!

  4. The show was great! I think I've seen BHTM at least 10 times because they would play Colorado ~2-3 times a year when I was in college.

    The only other bands I've seen almost as often are Barenaked Ladies and Guster.

    rg - the fray is playing red rocks on aug 12th - and I'll be out of town then too!!! grrr..

  5. wish I'd known that, a friend already got me tickets for the show on the 12th... now I'll see them twice... sorry you'll miss them.


    m.thom, you're my hero. My absolute hero. I love you and want to marry you. Oh, wait, that's illegal in this country. And I don't like girls. Damn. But besides all that, let's get married! (kt, you're my hero too, for leading people to my blog.) And in conclusion...karma rocks, and kt, did you see that you can order MarketSpice online? (No, they're not paying me--but shouldn't they be?)