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day 16 and be careful what you wish for

today is day 16 of phase 1 of the 17 day diet.  i am so happy that we've stuck with it this long!  i've been stalled at a 7lb loss for about a week, which is frustrating, but 7 lbs is still really good!  it's doing a number on our social life though.  we ran into some friends at the daniel tosh* show last night and felt like losers because we didn't want to go out with them after the show.  going to a bar when you can't drink or eat anything is so hard that it's not even worth it.  i'm not sure our friends understand.

we have 2 more days of this detox phase and then we can start adding in red meat, pork, shellfish, starchy veg, and some whole grains.  i can't wait to have a steak and baked potato.  i'm hoping that this will break my plateau.  during this phase, we can also start working out more.  i absolutely HATE HATE HATE running, but i have this sneaking suspicion that it might be the only exercise that will really work for me.. since i've tried everything else.  i heard about this program called couch to 5 k, which is an app and helps you with the interval training.  you start with running at 90 second intervals (which honestly, i'm not sure i can even do yet) alternating with 120 second walking intervals and then go from there.  i think you can even put in customized music, but i'm not sure if that is a feature on the blackberry app version.  i'm researching it today.

remember the other day when i was complaining that jared hadn't found a job yet? well, after 1 week of seriously looking, he found one!  it's only $10/hr and he's driving a forklift all day, but it works with his schedule and he's qualified to do it.  when he went in to fill out the application, it was obvious that although there were a lot of people applying, the competition wasn't that stiff.  he has a professional demeanor and appearance, and so when he stuck around to talk to the owner about the position (for 45 minutes), i knew that he would get the job. sure enough, the guy called him the next day and he starts tomorrow.

i am a little sad because he will be working from 7am-3:30pm M-F and then he has to leave for class at 5:30 and gets home around 10.  that is a LONG day.  but he is willing to do it, which makes me happy.  he's always been a hard worker when procrastination is not an option.  i think it will give him some much needed time management skills.  and i've been wanting to cancel our cable for awhile (it's just not worth $75/month to me - especially with netflix and hulu - there are so many other things i need to do besides zoning out to some stupid show).

it's really going to suck not seeing him though.  i know we were spending too much time together, but this just seems like the other extreme!  it's only temporary though, so i know we'll get through it.

*how can someone be so insulting and so HOT at the same time? mmmm.. i heart him!

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  1. Awesome job on the diet - 7 lbs is great! Did you start the C25K? That's how I got started running in college (trying to lose weight for my wedding) - I'm doing it again now and I hate all the podcasts with music, so I just made my own mp3 with different music for each interval. Wish I had an iphone or blackberry so I could use the apps... Anyhow, hope Jared's job is going well!