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i'm 33. i live with my husband, baby daughter 2 dogs and 1 kitty. i'm a chemical engineer with an MBA and work in technical sales. i tend to bite off more than i *think* i can chew and end up with a full bulging mouth for awhile before i can finally swallow. i thrive in chaos, but strive for order.


17 days is a long time/nostalgia

j and i have been very successful in the 17 day diet thus far.  i've lost 7 pounds and j has lost 12 pounds.  we haven't cheated either, which is an amazing feat in itself.  we are on day 9 and feel like this first phase will never end.  it's not that we're hungry, it's that we're BORED.  we can't use food as entertainment like we used to do and that makes me a little cranky.  of course, using food for entertainment is probably why we're on this diet in the first place, which makes me crankier.

however, this is the easiest diet that i have ever been on and i believe it's solely because j is doing it with me.  amazing how much that makes a difference.

when i first started blogging, SIX years ago, it was kind of the new trend.  i followed a lot of other blogs that were just starting out and i enjoyed "connecting" with so many strangers who seemed to be paralleling my life.  then i got my new job where i worked from home (and didn't have to pretend to work all day) and facebook became the new trend and i stopped blogging regularly and reading others blogs.

for some reason this weekend, i decided to catch up with some of my old favorites.  and by "catch up", i mean, "read the past 4 years of archives in chronological order on She Just Walks Around With It." right now i'm in the middle of 2006 and it's weird how reading through these posts is causing me to remember where i was in my life when i read them the first time.  i have always felt a weird connection to the author of that blog, kristy.  we seemed to be going through the same things at the same time and have a similar way of expressing ourselves.  we were both single girls living in a city, trying to lose weight, drinking wine, going on crazy dates.  and then we got married and our lives changed and now she has a baby and one on the way and that's what i'm working towards as well.  and it just kind of hit me how crazy it is that SO much can happen in such a relatively short time and where does that time go?  and although i am so happy with my life, i got very nostalgic about that time  when i was single and just..waiting for the rest of my life to happen. 

i really feel like these last 2 years have gone by in an absolute blur. and i've had some major changes, but i feel like i'm stuck in some sort of weird limbo that i won't get out of anytime soon.  like there are still a few things i need to do before my "new life" really starts.. and right now i'm stuck between the past and the future and not really able to enjoy being in the present.  and i know that when i read this 3 years from now and all of the things i'm currently obsessed with have finally happened, i'll wonder why i didn't allow myself to just enjoy this in-between time and LIVE MY LIFE.

so that's what i'm going to try to do in 2011.  live in the present and not worry so much about the future, because when the future finally happens, i'll wish that i had taken advantage of my life as it is right now.

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