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not your university library

i went and got a public library card today. for some reason, the library option just never appealed to me. i thought they would have old, outdated books - nothing i would want to read, for sure. i thought it was a place for poor people to get on the internet and for students to check out reference books. of course, it doesn't help that the last library i was in was my college library!

i was at my friends house and ended up borrowing a bunch of books from him. he mentioned that he had bought most of them at the library book sale.

really?? but they're new authors.. and paperback.. and the library never has NEW stuff in it!?

no way, he replied, the library has a ton of stuff. they even have dvds and cds!*

so i went to the library closest to my house today and found a couple of books and a movie.

i still can't get over that this is all available for FREE. and i can keep them for 3 weeks. and they have branches everywhere!

now i think i can cancel netflix and save another couple hundred dollars per year. not to mention all the money i'm going to save from not buying books. i never read them again anyway.

*and magazines, i found out today!


  1. The library is the coolest place in the world! I hate my university library because their books were all published in, like, 1972. The public library gets all the latest books... AND you can usually use your library card at other libraries, too!!!
    (Sorry, I'm such a geek, but I really do enjoy libraries!)

  2. Make sure to utilize the wait lists for new items arriving soon.

    The Denver Public Libraries are way better than some others, though. Douglas County never has anything really new. I don't think they have the proper funding.

    My favorite library is the main branch of the Englewood Public Library on Hampden Avenue and Santa Fe.