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are we finally getting what we deserve?

so, like all americans right now, my heart goes out to the hurricane victims. i donated to red cross today (since apparently my tax money was better spent on a useless war and a bridge to nowhere).

here's the link if you want to donate- they take as little as $5.

let me preface this entry by saying that i love america very very much. so it tears me apart to watch it go down the toilet by a handful of irresponsible bureaucrats.

it's sad that our country is so preoccupied with foreign oil that our own security is ignored. being an environmentalist, i can't help but think that maybe if our government paid a little more attention to the environment, we could start combating the effects of global warming. science has been showing for awhile now that global warming is causing the temperature of the oceans to rise, which in turn creates the monstrous hurricanes we've seen lately.

why does our government constantly ignore science? it's not like the environment is just going to fix itself. methinks that if our country knew how devastating these hurricanes would be, people might have sacrificed a little and cut down our dependence on fossil fuels.

what does it take for people to carpool? or walk a quarter mile to the video store? or realize that a hybrid car costs about the same as a monster SUV, which you do NOT need unless you frequently offroad, have more than 3 kids, or have to haul animals and/or other things on a regular basis. If I can drive in a snowstorm and fit a home depot trip or snowboard equipment or a kitchen table in my civic, you can too.

we've gotten cheap energy for way too long - it's about time we pay for it. hopefully $3+/gallon gas will eventually encourage people to drive less. i'm not thrilled about the effect it will have on the cost of our consumer goods, but you know what? if it means that my children have a fighting chance at breathing clean air, i can adapt.

out in the west, we have the disadvantage of not having very good public transportation systems - mostly because our cities are so spread out. denver is finally putting in some new lightrail, which is a great step - but it's taken a long time and a lot to convince tax payers to pony up an extra percentage of a percent sales tax.

so while i'm still on my soapbox, let's talk taxes. no one i know LIKES paying taxes. the intelligent citizens realize that without taxes, our country would fail. there would be no public schools, policeman, fireman, roads, dams, culture, etc. the scary thing is that i think a lot of people in this country don't even realize all the things that taxes pay for. and they don't realize that the average american is carrying most of the tax burden, while the filthy rich corporations and people pay virtually NOTHING in comparison into the system. and what i REALLY don't understand is why more people aren't OUTRAGED? it's like the bumper sticker i've seen- if you're not completely appalled, you haven't been paying attention.

so what gives? why can't we plan for the future? give our kids a decent chance with this planet? improve the quality of our life?

america is like an unruly teenager. it thinks it's invincible and always right. it defies older countries, and doesn't respect different viewpoints. it sulks. it doesn't want to put money in savings when it could be buying the latest video game. it's obsessed with more exciting issues that aren't important in the long run, and ignores boring issues that could wreak havoc. when something bad happens, it expects to be bailed out, without owning up to it's actions or lack thereof.

i have tough love for america because i want it to grow into a responsible, conscientious adult, with integrity and compassion.

so wake up america, and stop being so fucking self indulgent!

believe me, you'll be thankful when you're older.

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