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Maple syruping/sugar bushing (including carrying buckets, carrying wood)?

so i use this program called fitday. it's great for logging food and activities and seeing various reports such as if you've met your vitamin daily requirements, what percentage of fat is in your diet, etc.

some things about this program make me wonder who on earth created it. on several occasions, i have searched for a seemingly normal food or activity and haven't been able to find it. however, it's not an issue of the database being too small - it's actually very extensive, because it is populated with food that i've never heard of and activities that a normal person will probably never do in their lifetime.

for example. snowboarding or the elliptical trainer are not listed activities, but the following are:

Maple syruping/sugar bushing (including carrying buckets, carrying wood) - what did you do this weekend kt? oh, si and i went maple syruping - it was a blast! nothing like making your own syrup over a campfire. mmm mmm!
Unicycling - for all the clowns that are trying to lose a few pounds
Slimnastics - must be a fad exercise from before my time.
Digging worms, with shovel - and this is different from plain digging?
Caulking, chinking log cabin - sorry, i can't make it to the party this weekend, i'll be chinking my log cabin!
Digging sandbox - again, different from regular digging, how?
Furriery - i don't even know what the hell this is.
Sitting on toilet - because i'm sure the extra 2 minutes of "exertion" burns WAY more calories than "sitting, general"
Basketball, wheelchair - i'm all about equal rights for disabled people.. but it's not like there's an entry for basic wheelchair driving. do people in wheelchairs only play basketball?
Wallyball, general - a new sport played by the minimum wage earners, involving a smiley face ball and $1.57 stick?

the food is just as bad. whoever created this must be from latin america because there are a ton of dishes puerto rican and mexican style, mostly with ingredients i've never heard of and don't really want to try.

and it's not consistent. you can't find plain ranch dressing, only kraft brand. no regular vanilla ice cream, instead you get "ice cream, flavors other than chocolate". i'd say there was a difference between plain vanilla and say, chocolate chip cookie dough.. but on fitday all ice cream is created equal, unless it's chocolate!
search for "coffee" and get 7 pages of results, ranging from irish coffee to cuban coffee to coffeecake to coffee, regular, with cereal.

it is just not organized in a way that makes sense to me. the potential for it to be an amazing resource, with a database of all restaurant and branded food is incredible! but i guess you get what you pay for..


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  2. wallyball is actually really fun... it's volleyball in a raquetball court... we were just talking about it last week at lunch!

  3. OH YEAH! i've actually played that in high school gym. =) had no idea what it was called, but i remember it was really fun because you could bounce the ball off the walls.

  4. I've tried to use Fitday, but sometimes its too cumbersome for me to make it work.

    Weight Watchers has some really random foods in their points book. Like the point value for 4 oz of squirrel. You know, for those backwoods rednecks who are trying to lose weight. The one that really made us fall over with laughter was the point value for beaver....

  5. I love that there is a whole separate category for "sexual activities", but they're not nearly specific enough. Light, moderate, or heavy are the only choices. Shouldn't there be a caloric burn difference between, for example, heavy missionary and light doggy-style? What about standing up?

  6. Some things about fit day are very strange. I like the fact that you can enter about five kinds of sitting and lying but most of them count as burning no calories. I have just entered a lot of custom foods for the things I eat all the time.

  7. That's hysterical! I am wondering if I should get this program, however, despite not being into maple sugaring.