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i'm 33. i live with my husband, baby daughter 2 dogs and 1 kitty. i'm a chemical engineer with an MBA and work in technical sales. i tend to bite off more than i *think* i can chew and end up with a full bulging mouth for awhile before i can finally swallow. i thrive in chaos, but strive for order.


the boy code

contrary to the popular belief of my guy friends, i am in fact, a girl. so when they let me in on something juicy that involves someone that is not my favorite person in the world cheating on their girlfriend, they shouldn't be surprised if it accidentally comes out to said girlfriend after a night of heavy drinking.

when alcohol is involved, the girl code is so much stronger. and this girl deserved to know the truth.

i am sure i've been banned from future guy secrets, but that's ok - then i don't have to worry about keeping them.


  1. Well...I'm never tellin YOU anything.

  2. Ah, yes. Further proof that you and I have been separated at birth. My girl code story:

    Once upon a time, a certain douchebag that I know contracted herpes. And didn't tell anyone.

    I'll let that sink in.

    Four months later, his girlfriend at the time found out. When she went to get her annual pap smear and the gynecologist found...well, I'll spare you the details. Suffice it to say that she was, well, pretty upset. And pretty infected. Now, she loved this douchebag, even though she knew he was one, and she allowed herself to go on being used by this guy...but she drew the line at his using OTHER girls. She tracked down all of his exes and told them, without being a jealous harpy, without prejudice, without mentioning once how happy she and Douchebag were together. She tracked them (us) down and told us, all of us, and we all went and got tested, and we were all clean.

    I was so touched that this stranger had put aside her own personal feelings for this matter, and I told her so, and SHE seemed to be surprised that I wasn't discounting what she was saying, just because she was the current partner of my ex-boyfriend, and I said, "Heck no! I know what a liar he is!" And we laughed. It was a very weird, but lovely, moment of sisterhood.

  3. OK geez KT!
    Blog or don't blog ok?!
    Cuz this every once in awhile just makes you a tease.