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hold the sugar on my salad please

why does mcdonalds take a perfectly good idea and ruin it by adding calories?

i ordered the new fruit & walnut salad today thinking mmm.. apples and grapes and walnuts, and a low-fat yogurt dip. sounds healthy - looks healthy in the picture. even their description makes it sounds healthy.

you wouldn't think that this little healthy fruit salad packs 310 calories and 13g of fat. this, my friends, is the SAME amount of calories and fat as a regular cheeseburger, with less protein and more carbs.

they could have shaved 40 calories off of the salad by using regular walnuts instead of candied.

add this to my 400 calorie grilled chicken sandwich (i wanted a salad, but they were out of lettuce) and i would have been better off getting a cheeseburger and regular order of fries!

lesson learned - always check the nutritional information on fast food items BEFORE ordering them!


  1. Yeah--fast food restaurants are horrible about "healthy." I saw the nutritional information for one of Wendy's taco salads (I think it was Wendy's), and I almost lost it.

    I've resolved to a) not eat fast food, or b) go when I know that I'm going to get a cheesburger and fries and live with it.

    I can't handle it any other way, really.

  2. Were the walnuts on the side? I have been asking around, and no one has been able to tell me that. I don't really like walnuts, but I like the other parts. I also think they use low-fat yogurt...and I wonder if they have thought of having a fat-free choice. Is this too neurotic?

  3. Don't I know it! I think they like to make things difficult for those of us who try to eat healthy.

  4. argh, argh, argh, argh.

    That sums up the way I feel about eating out.