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week 12 - plum

week 12 started for me on monday.  i was also in kansas city for a sales meeting monday - wednesday.  i was so excited because i wasn't nauseous and felt pretty good! i thought finally, the morning sickness is done!

this morning was my first day back in denver and i threw up twice.  wtf?  now i'm convinced that there's something in my house that i am super sensitive to now that i'm preggo.  but what is it?  there are so many culprits?  the pets, dirty air ducts, scented candles, hidden mold, dirt in general?

this morning i rounded up anything scented and put it in a plastic bin with a tight lid.  i want to get my air ducts cleaned.. but we tried that last summer and the cleaner wouldn't do anything because our HVAC guy installed our furnace wrong.  we're planning to get that fixed, but for now i'd like to just have all the duct work cleaned.  who knows how much filth is in our ducts from our old tenants.

the only place that i think mold might be lurking is in our garage.  i need to have j powerwash the concrete walls to see if we can get rid of it.

the pets i can't really do anything about - although i could brush them more often.  we're putting in sod in the back in the next few weeks, so that should cut down the dirt in general in the house. 

i wonder what else i'm missing?

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