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i'm 33. i live with my husband, baby daughter 2 dogs and 1 kitty. i'm a chemical engineer with an MBA and work in technical sales. i tend to bite off more than i *think* i can chew and end up with a full bulging mouth for awhile before i can finally swallow. i thrive in chaos, but strive for order.


real fluffy puffy puppies

i've decided that i'm going to finally get a puppy! yes. a fluffy, puffy, puppy. i've wanted one for so long and si wasn't a dog person so we never had one. i really want an alaskan malamute. i've always had this type of dog growing up and they're awesome! i've had cuteness overload all day looking at puppy pictures, so i thought i'd share!

these pups are some of the now-adult dogs from the breeder i'm looking at. i know.

and here are just some of the cutest pup pictures i saw online. they're so cute i can't stand it. i just want to nuzzle them and become a sled dog racer.


  1. Cute!! I love the one where they're all in a heap together - makes you want more than one =)

  2. V. jealous. I love love love malamutes/huskies. Its just way too hot here for that kind of dog for me to have one :(