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Denver, Colorado, United States
i'm 33. i live with my husband, baby daughter 2 dogs and 1 kitty. i'm a chemical engineer with an MBA and work in technical sales. i tend to bite off more than i *think* i can chew and end up with a full bulging mouth for awhile before i can finally swallow. i thrive in chaos, but strive for order.


and on a more serious note..

si and i broke up a few weeks ago. on jan 12th. actually, we're doing a trial separation that will end this friday. i moved out and am staying with a friend for a few weeks. this week i need to tell him that yes, it's over and my feelings haven't changed. this is going to be very hard to do. but i know it's the right thing. he is a wonderful guy and i will always love him - we just grew apart. and i realized that i wouldn't be happy if i stayed with him, and it wouldn't be fair to him if i wasn't in the relationship 100%.

it's going to be pretty messy, logistically. we have the house.. and a bunch of joint accounts. and since we filed out taxes together last year, we're technically common law married, which means that we might have to file for divorce. i am checking into this to see if there are any loopholes.

leave it to me to have to get a divorce before i have a wedding. because that's just the way everything in my life seems to go. pitfall of being a nonconformist, i suppose.


  1. Kt- I know things will turn out okay for you! Way to go on being brave. We miss you on the board, stop in and say hi sometime soon!

  2. kt I am so sorry you have to go through that.
    The mediation process works well, but you still have to get a lawyer.

  3. Must be a trend--a good friend of mine is also breaking up with the guy she lives with, and it's just as difficult, although she doesn't have to get divorced first.

    I'm thinking of both of you--such strong women. I know you can get through this.